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About synlab czech

Company provides comprehensive services in the field of laboratory tests. It operates its own sample taking offices, laboratories and statim labs, and also collection of materials from hospitals, practitioners/specialists and outpatient facilities.

The Company provides its cooperating doctors and facilities with the materials needed for taking, storage and transport of the samples. Thanks to the latest methods and technologies, synlab czech s.r.o. guarantees both the patients and doctors fast and accurate diagnostics, which is an integral part of modern medical treatment.

synlab czech s.r.o. offers its partner doctors regular educational activities and a large volume of professional literature and manuals that draw on the experience of laboratories all around the world.

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18.10.2017 - Odběrové pracoviště Kladno, Váňova
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18.10.2017 - Odběrové pracoviště Písek, Drlíčov
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16.10.2017 - MUDr. Aleš Ducháček
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